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Creative Commons Venezuela
DevOps and Researcher
We want to share our experiences at Outreaching High Energy Physics (HEP) around the World. The most extensive collaboration of the largest scientific experiment in the planet looks for ways to share their public data and software with students all over, reaching university professors, high school teachers, students and science lovers through a Web platform and social media. At the same time, a group of Venezuelans teach physics and computer science from Europe to Latin American countries using public, free and open-source tech, data & tools.I would like to know how this is done, join me for a short but real hands-on example. You can take home not just the stories and projects ongoing, but software, data and a complete guide of how to do data analysis & analytics of ~any dataset out there! It is the technique used in the scientific experiment, LHC @CERN.Current projects:http://opendata.atlas.cernwww.cevale2ve.orghttp://cc-ve.universidad.ch