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Peter Pennefather

gDial Inc
professor emeritus
My wife Yvonne and I started rowing in 2004 as cross training for winter speed skating. We have been recreational members of Hanlan since 2007. As a recreational rower, I value the sport of rowing as an opportunity to interact with people and nature around me. I appreciate it as a sport that allows you to be in the moment as well as building capacities for rowing over a lifetime. I also appreciate the multitude of ways that people can the experience of rowing alone, as part of a crew, as part of an adventure row or as part of a competition. Every time I step into a boat, I strive to row better than I did before - every row is a new and different experience.  I am a Professor Emeritus at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto (UofT). I also support the research and teaching of groups at Ryerson, OCAD and Tokyo-Tech Universities in the field of inclusive interaction design. Before retiring from UofT in 2017, I spent 40 years studying, teaching, and publishing in the academic fields of pharmacology, neuroscience, cellular biophysics, knowledge media design, inclusive design, and data science. I continue to contribute actively to the development and teaching of those disciplines. I am president of gDial Inc, an Ontario based private corporation that is developing and marketing private ways of helping you own, govern and mobilizing private data about you.